Books about statistics

The Order of the Statistical Jedi:Responsibilities, Routines, and Rituals

The Order of the Statistical Jedi is an introductory-level textbook designed to teach students from a modeling/graphical perspective. It is a post-NHST treatment of statistical modeling that teaches from R.

Science Fiction Books

The Nexus Has Fallen

Can an empathetic man order those he loves to die in battle?

Two hundred years ago, while nations threatened nuclear war, the Malkum, a rogue think-tank, unleashed a virus that crippled human intellect. Now, they maintain world-dominance by hunting for those whose intelligence has re-evolved.

Cole Brooks presides among a village of intellectually-stunted humans, straining to shield them from Malkum raids. When the Malkum targets him and murders his people, he is devastated and desperate to stop another mass murder.

While on the run, he learns of a dormant rebellion of intelligent humans that has cowered from the Malkum for two centuries. Before the enemy discovers and destroys the rebellion, Cole must escape the enemy’s crosshairs, traverse the vast distance to the rebellion, and inspire the cowering rebels to overthrow the Malkum.